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Are there any trading Robots that Actually work and make money consistently in the forex markets?

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Are there any trading Robots that Actually work and make money consistently in the forex markets?

The sure answer to this question is YES. But the longer longer version is that, it is very difficult to find a forex robot that makes money non-stop. Most of the robots you will find out there are overhyped  will break your trading account at some point in time. There are so many EAs on forex communities which I had followed them for a very long time. The rate at which they destroy accounts is really alarming ant it’s a call for concern. They are usually profitable for a few weeks to few months though.

Therefore, I had to understand that most of these forex expert advisors will work in the short run and be profitable and fail in the longrun. Learn how to become rich by using forex robots

Reasons Why Forex Expert Advisor fail over time.

1.       Market Conditions Always Changes. Most EAs will fail over time because market trading conditions always changes with time. An EA may be profitable on a trending market and then loses on a non-trending market.

2.       Grid Trading/Martingale: The majority of EAs are programed based on Grid/Martingale strategy. This is a strategy which only makes only shorterm gains and then postpones all its loses in the nearest future only to wipe out the entire account.

3.       EAs are programmed with a strategy based on a certain technical setup/analysis and certain mathematical formula/algorithm. When market behavior changes, EA does not change it program which leads to failure; which is why EA sellers sell it when it’s working well.

So where is this magical forex robot that makes so much money?  Well, it is locked way inside the Medailon hedge Fund.  This hedge fund was founded in 1991 by Jim Simons and since then it has achieved an average annual return of about 30%. The hedge fund is run based on trading algorithm AKA robots. This fund has been locked locked from the outside world and currently receives investments only from its members. Visit forex store and checkout some good forex robots.

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