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Paper Trading (part 3)

Posted by tradelover, in MQL Treasure Cave, Paper Trader 18 March 2008 · 1026 views

MQL Treasure Cave
Man, I like to trade directly on the graphic! Gosh, how I like it!!
That's why I am really happy about my new upgrades of PT, well, something that will make my friend nicugh veeeerrryy happy too :D

Attached File  Paper_Trader_v1.6.zip (29.36KB)
downloads: 744

For the guys getting bored to read the comments inside of the source code, this is the interesting part:

1. All arrow codes substituted with price labels. Color of the SL labels changed from deep pink to light orange, 'coz the label could not be read with ease by human eye, when it was pink and MT4 scribbled the red dotted stopline over it.

Advantages: plenty, now ye can see yer prices too, it is easier to drag it when selected, etc.

Disadvantages: first of all ye need a bit more space on the right, so ye have to drag yer chartshift bar to the left few candles more. Recomended zoom for the chart is 2, on a scale of 0 to 5 available in MT4 (more explanations about zoom and chartshift inside of my M-PF indicator, somewhere around in the Treasure Cave). Other drawback is that the price labels are a bit more difficult to be selected with the mouse than the arrows, so better you select them in advance, to be ready to move them when it become stringent. To select/move a price label ye have to click its active side (in 'ur case is the left side of the label, 'coz it is a RightLabel) and NOT the label area. Clicking the label area will do nothing. That is an MT4 bug (well, not a bug, but that is how it works).

2. Now you can move your pending orders. For every new pending order, there should be a price label, like for SL and TP. To avoid any mess you could do :P, we painted the order label in gray. Move it anywhere on the chart between the SL and TP of the order, and the order will move next tick. There is no way to move the pending order outside of the SL:TP range, as that would be totally illogical. If you need to do that, please first move or delete the SL or TP, whichever stays on the way. Some of my vamist friends will also be delighted by this feature :D

3. What are we going to implement in the Full Version? Well, we will be able to set "price tags" or "tresholds". When the price moves behind a treshold, an Alert will be isued, telling you the currency pair that reached the tag.

That could be very usefull if you are watching more charts in the same time and some of them are hidden behind the one you are looking at, at that time (obviously, all charts must have attached the Paper Trader EA, to do that). This will work exactly as a pending order, but no order will be placed when the price hits the line, instead, an Alert will pop up and you can switch the view to that pair and take the right decision. Maybe you are tempted to say that there is no big deal, you could do that without Paper Trader, drawing a few horizontal lines and/or setting the right alert system with a very simple EA, but that won't be true, because our tags will be able to MOVE together with the price action. We could be able to set a "moving method" of the treshold, in the same way we do now for SL and TP of each order. That is, we could set a tag on EMA, SAR, any screen object, as trendlines or horizontal lines, fibos, forks, etc. that will be MOVED each candle, full-automatically, and the Alert will pop up every time the price is crossing the tag.

4. Well, now we can move the pending orders by hand, in Demo Version, as we explained above, and we can place a moving price tag that has his own moving method, in Full Version (not yet, but the implementation process is on the way!) so what is the next step? Of course you can guess! We are going to put them all together: we should be able to set a moving method for a pending order. That is, the gray label that appears now for pending orders will have it's own moving strategy as description field, and the pending order will move automatically, folowing the price. This way, you could set a pending order to be activated when the price cross some EMA, SMA, trendlines, or whatever else.

Unlimited posibilities....

Now the bad news: most probably, such nice features won't be available in demo version. I am still thinking about...

Happy pip-pillaging!

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