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Wax and wick... (part 2)

Posted by tradelover, in MQL Treasure Cave 16 June 2008 · 840 views

MQL Treasure Cave
Well, i knew it is not called "string", but me' lazy to look in the ship's dic. Some fellow told me is called wick.. well thanks mate!

Me be back with version 1.2 of the DetailView indicator, that can now update the detail picture dynamic, if the pointer was placed on the last candle. It looks pretty, me like it! Ye can take it from here:

Attached File  Detail_View_v1.2.mq4 (44.92KB)
downloads: 844

What's new?

Well.. beside of updating the little chart in real time, as discussed above...

If ye place the pointer on the last candle, then the pointer will track the last candle. When a new candle is formed, the pointer is moved right to it. Ye can have yer last H4 bar now decomposed in H1, M30, M5 or whatever, in real time, in the same time, as shown here:

Attached Image

Ye'll see also that I added another detail view in the past, that is called "V1=" instead of "DV=". What for? Well, I got a feedback that one can not add two indicators on the same chart. "How were you trying to do it?" I've asked. Well, my man wanted to add on a 30 min chart two or more DV1.1 indicators with EXACTLY THE SAME parameters. Same zoom=3, as his chart was zoom 3 and he need that, then same colors, same "DV=" string, and of course same "M5" as detail TF, as he wanted two different M30 bars to be split in M5 bars.

Well....That is NOT possible. MT4 will not allow you to have on the same chart two indicators with EXACTLY the same name and parameters. What's for??? Try adding 2 EMA(10) and you will see that only one is added, the other one is removed automatically. Of course, you can cheat MT4 by adding 2 EMA with different periods, then change the period later to be the same, because MT4 assigns an unique number to the indicator, once added to the chart, and further on, the indicator is referred by THAT number. But again, does it make sense to have two EMA(10) on the same chart??? No. They will overpose anyhow, and you could see only one, both will paint the same MA line.

Same story runs for our indicator too. You CAN NOT add two DV indicators on chart with EXACTLY same parameters. You MUST change something, for one of them, add it to the chart, then latter press CTRL+I (to get the indicator list, or rightclick and take it from the menu), and change the parameters of one (or both) of them to desired one. However, there is a simple method. You won't like to change the zoom or the target TF, because in this case you won't get the right view you need. Also you don't like to change the colors, not knowing what shades you get for the bars or triagles (remember, they are masked with special binary masks, as explained inside of the source code). So, the only parameter left is the text intended to be displayed. The "DV=" text. You can change this text to something else, and then "Eureka!!" it is ANOTHER parameter. So, you CAN add two indicators on the chart, both of them having same colors, both of them having same zoom (3 in my photo), and both of them showing the same detailed TF (M5 in my photo). Just rename the text of one of them to something else, "V1", "V2", etc. Be inventive! :P

I was able to add more then 50 detail views to the same chart, and all went ok, just a bit slower then normal. Well, if ye do scalping, do not add 50 DV's on the chart! :P And well, yes, it is a total crap there, ye can not read anything anymore, but if ye like to have so many... not my business...

Another new feature that I added in V1.2, will allow ye to SCALE the bars. That is, to paint them longer, or shorter, or even reversed (high is low and low is high, if ye use a negative scale). Poseidon knows what in the seven seas you would want to turn the candles upside down, but again, that is not me biz.

Here some pictures. First shows why scaling is useful. Ye have to thank to ener for this feedback, he played with H1 details of D1 candle and found that - because of the HUUUUGGGGEEE price range of D1 chart - the H1 detailed candles look more like dots then like candles... You could not see the spikes, or even shadows, or whatever. That case, what we called "detail" was just "confu-tail" and makes no sense. So I added a scaling factor to the indicator, to be able to extend the small candles. This is the new DetailCandleScale parameter that you will find in the code. Read there the comments about it.

As said, next photo shows same D1 bar, with 2 different details, both details are H1, but one is not scaled (like before), and the second is scaled by a factor of 3. Also, its text parameter was modified to "DV=3" instead of "DV=", to show that. Remember that "H1" is added automatically.

Attached Image

The image in the clip area is just added there using PaintBrush, and it is a copy/paste of H1 chart for that date. You can clearly see that a scaling factor WAS NECESSARY... :D, the detail without scaling shows nothing from the real price action, moving direction, or spikes.

Scaling is a "trial" process, like "try and catch" from C++ programming, ye have to try few different values till get the right one, especially if the time frame difference is big (like you try to break H4 into M1, or D1 into M15, or so). Here also the scale should be bigger (we can not really see the shadows, if we compare the clipped area with the detail painting), but the goal of the photo is not to set the best scale factor, but to show you what the scale factor does. Read more comments inside of the source code.

Next photo below is just a sample for a negative scale, where the text was changed too. The scaling factor was set to -3.0 (minus three point zero). The text was set to "DV=-3*". You can see that all the detail bars are... reverted, upside down, well... if ye have some (insane) idea what this could be used for, be my guest!

Attached Image

Of course, ye can use spaces inside of the text, or after it, and bigger scales too, if they fit yer needs or yer monitor's screen. Like in the last photo here below, where text was set to look nice, like "DV = 2.87 * " (no quotes, but be careful of spaces, we put quotes here to show where the spaces are, i.e. there is a space at the end, that makes the distance between * and M30 - added automatically):

Attached Image

off topic: ye will remark that the "rounded-top" shown on the detail view in the last photo is in fact a reversed "j-lo" pattern (see investopedia, j-lo), that is forecasting the fall of last candles! If support holds, we expect a big upward jump for the next candles. I would go long in the middle of the long candle under view.

Harrr... land ho! Me be out for me rum...
Happy pipping ye all!

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