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Wax and wick... (part 3)

Posted by tradelover, in MQL Treasure Cave 18 June 2008 · 1639 views

MQL Treasure Cave
Talking about our last indicator, it is obvious that the pointer must point the candle which we want it decomposed.

But how about the text? Well, the text can be anywhere, couldn't it? As now we have a triangle to show us which candle is being under microscope, we also can move the pointer vertically, to anywhere. But it still need to point THAT candle we are interested in. But remark here that the text can be anywhere. We even could move the text on time axis. That is to move it on the left, or on the right side of the detailed view.

In this case, how about we paint the detailed view in the middle of the distance between the pointer and the text? That is on price axis, but also on time axis. Got it? On time axis too...

We could have endless possibilities to arrange many views on screen, and even to break apart consecutive candles and arrange the views in such a way that the "combined" view be "continuous". That would be very helpful to spot patterns longer then one candle. Up to now, that was not possible. If we wanted to break apart two consecutive candles, the only way was to place a view above the chart, and another below, or to place both in the same side, but with a vertical distance between them. Otherwise the bars painted by the two views would overpose each other, and would be quite impossible to be read.

Imagine for a second we could move the crap around the screen as me' said. Then we could generate views like the one in the photo:

Attached Image

Isn't that wonderful? (no trading meaning, just an example how we can arrange them).

'Course it is! Ye will remark now that a new line was added, that connects the text with the pointer. The line is necessary, as now the texts can be anywhere on the screen, and they can get mixed, if more indicators live together on the same chart. Ye better know which text for which pointer is!

Well, here is the toy.

Attached File  Detail_View_v1.3.mq4 (49.52KB)
downloads: 546

Remember: now ye have to move both the text (everywhere) and the pointer (on price axis only)! The detailed view will be painted in the middle of the two. Ye still can use scaling, or whatever we discussed before. I hope ye won't mind moving few more objects around, as long as the advantage is HUGE! If ye mind, then use the old version. I won't delete it, that's why I put a separate post.

Fair winds ta ye all!

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For the people that took the V1.3, please take it again, I just found (and solved) a small bug. You can read inside of the source code (search for "bug solved" string) what the bug was about, and it was only affecting the detailed view of D1 (wrong calculus of bar shifts, because of the weekends, when brokers close the market at different times). Practically, when you were watching D1, with a detailed view, say H4, and move the pointer over the weekend, it could be possible that some bars are overprinted (if the computed H4 bar fell on Friday evening, and the broker has no real candle for it, then it was printed over the next bar on Monday - or Sunday night for few brokers - creating a gap in the detail view).

This bug is now solved, and I re-upload the code substituting the old one.
Please dld again.

Fair winds!
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Well, thanks everybody for the nice echoes I got on messenger and mail related to this toy. I have no time to reply to all of them (in fact only 4 :P)...

So, as we discussed here before, the indicator does not refresh the screen between the ticks, that's quite a pain in the back, and me' explained before why I can not address this issue, coz' MT4 won't like to run the code between the ticks. But one of my friends pointed out in his mail that ye do not have to wait until a new tick come. He said ye can refresh the chart by pressing ALT+C then R. Well, he is right, this is exactly the same as selecting "Charts" from your menu with the mouse, then choose "Refresh", or it is the same as pressing rightclick anywhere on the chart, and select "Refresh" from the pulldown menu. I didn't think that Metaquotes implemented accelerators (i.e. keyboard shortcuts) beside of that documented in the menus (like ctrl+s for save, or other that you can see when clicking the MT4 Client menus), and never tried to use them. But "ALT+C then R" come in hand a lot when you are watching a slow-motion pair (like I am watching now AUDCHF and did not move at all, all the morning). So, when you move the pointer or the text, and want a rapid refresh of the screen (and obviously of the detail view position), then keep in mind: ALT-C, R....

Voila! new detail view is painted immediately, before the new tick arrive...
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