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  2. Where can the West find growth? The release this morning of GDP data for the EU shows that growth is going to remain elusive for developed economies for some time to come. A further quarter on quarter fall and a year on year figure of -0.6% shows just how dire things remain. German Factory Orders also released this morning were appreciably better than expected but this merely highlights how bad things are in the rest of economy that is inexorably linked by the single currency. Now that the immediate issues of the debt crisis have been postponed it remains to be seen what can be done to promote
  3. It seems that we can no longer label those heavily indebted countries of Southern Europe as being the periphery. The idea that Greece leaving the Eurozone could cause the disintegration of the single currency means that the tail continues to wag the dog and will do for some time to come. Europe is at last waking up to the idea that were Greece to leave, then the domino effect could be catastrophic. Keeping Greece in the club and funding its needs seems to have been accepted as policy. Mrs Merkel added to the feeling that a solution is close by saying yesterday that “If Greece one day can rely
  4. sarrafx

    That was 2012

    So, that was 2012! What did we learn? Well, as far as I am concerned, I learned that gravity doesn’t exist! What is holding the Euro up? I have now idea. It seems that with Greece having secured a further bailout, all in the garden is rosy. The Euro is trading up above 1.30 (as I write) and making multi month highs against an ailing JPY. There is something of a paradox here. Of the two major safe haven currencies, the JPY is weaker as their economy struggles and further QE is expected while the other the USD is weaker as their economy is starting to improve (if the revised GDP data is to be be
  5. sarrafx

    So, What now?,-What-now?
  6. sarrafx

    Politics and Economics
  8. sarrafx

    Risk off
  10. sarrafx

    Unequal Recovery
  13. sarrafx

    Why wear blinkers?

    Thank you my friend. I hope I have been fufilling your requirements with my posts
  14. sarrafx

    No News is Good News

    Our philosophy is to give our clients all the tools that are necessary to enable them to be successful. Our management team is experienced in the financial markets having spent, collectively, more than five decades in the business. Our experience teaches us that not all information is good information and feeling obliged to report readily available data and news to clients is not only wasting their time but is also counterproductive. Over the past twenty years markets have changed out of all recognition but the dissemination of information has barely changed at all. With the advent of fax tec
  15. sarrafx

    No News is Good News
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