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Helloo Folks,

We thank God for bringing us to the begining of another brand new week and we give Him the


glory in ALL things..


This is Stallion,veteran forex trader and mentor. I would be reviewing strategic tips on how the major currency pairs can be milked. Though I specialize in gbpusd, other pairs would also be taken into consideration during our analysis.


It has been theorized that your state of mind will dictate your trading methods. Experts in the field of trading psychology have pinpointed three main states of mind and how each has a direct effect on a trader's profitability.


These three mind states are "having", "doing" and "being". Psychologists have noted that those new to trading start with a "having" state of mind. As they gain more experience, they move on to a "doing" state of mind. The pinnacle of profitability occurs when a trader moves into the last and final "being" frame of mind.




The "Having" Mind Set

A novice trader may focus primarily on profits. In this "having" state of mind, they are out of sync with the markets. They are blinded by their obsession to obtain the all mighty dollar and what it can afford them. Trading is not viewed as a job that must be mastered, but as a vehicle to escape from a world of mediocrity.


Many traders are in the business to make money, as well as they should be. However, if they are blinded by greed, they tend to take uncalculated risks. Looking at the potential payoff without carefully calculating market trends and other factors is a recipe for disaster.


It is impossible to graduate to a high performance level when you concentrate on "having" instead of how the game is won. If you trade in a "having" frame of mind, you may become frustrated when profits are not immediately forthcoming. With frustration comes a lack of focus. Without the ability to focus, you cannot gain knowledge from your experience on the trading field.


Other negative consequences of this mindset are feelings of frustration and anger. Frustration stemming from a lack of expected profits and anger directed at oneself or the market in general. These adverse emotions will only cause further decline in profitability. Without witnessing gains from one's efforts, an individual may not give their best and may be tempted to "throw in the towel".




The "Doing" State of Mind

If an individual continues on to trade another day, they will eventually move from a "having" to a "doing" state of mind. Learning that there is more to trading than the amassing of money, a trader will turn their focus on learning new methods of trading and what does and doesn't work.


This state of mind is still primarily centered on how to turn a profit. Although a "doing" mind state is essential to becoming a seasoned adept trader, the main focus is still short of the mark. It is crucial to know what works and what doesn't. However, a skilled trader will tell you there is more to the business then choosing one method and using it arbitrarily to make trades across the board.


Becoming a trader of means requires not only a winning attitude, but also a fine honing of trading skills. To develop these skills, you must make trades using various methods under a wide spectrum of market conditions. Only then can you develop the needed intuition to master the art of trading.




Pinnacle of Profitability: The "Being" State of Mind

A successful trader almost instinctively knows how to make a trade using the best method available for the current market trend and/or condition. This ability does not occur overnight. It is only accomplished through perseverance, knowledge of various trading methods and learning which one works given a particular market condition.


No trade is ever a "sure thing". However, a profitable synchronicity almost naturally occurs when you are faced with a potential trade, have a feel for the current market trends and conditions, and utilize the method best suited for a potential payoff. This "being" state of mind ultimately lends itself to long-term success in the high stakes of trading.


[20:06:58 07/11/08] Stalion : We put a SELL STOP on GBPUSD@ 1.5660...1st target @ 1.5715

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Top autori în acest subiect

Top autori în acest subiect

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Hi forexgreenland and welcome to vamist.


If you made a blog, won't need to repeat the same posts on the forum twice, there is a blog BOT doing that for you. Please choose between posting into the blog (I would like that, but is only my personal choice, you can do however you like) and posting into the forum. Of course you can post on the forum AND on the blog things which are different, but posting same things on both makes no sense.


I would like to see for the future the trading "in time", and not after. If you like to post analysis here, then show us the analysis with or without the forecast. If you don't like to show your methods, then say just the forecast or show us the bet you placed, but IN TIME. For a M15 bet, as in your picture, 3 days ago is a veeeerry long time. It can be just a lucky trade, or a fake one, we can not check anyhow. It shows me no trust. We are fed up with "after the war" traders. But again, this is only my personal opinion, if the people here like your style, I won't bother you in any way!


But I am convinced that the people would like to see affirmations like: "We will go short/long at (price of pending order)", "I went short/long at (price of market order) 20 minutes ago (or 10, or 30, or 1-2 hours, or today/yesterday, depending on your TF)".


The "I went short 3 days ago" on 15 minutes chart it has no value.


I personally went short beginning of August on GJ and I am still inside! I can show you a D1 chart. (people here know this affirmation is not true :))).


Good luck.

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Ohhh, and I really forgot to say (I am getting older in the last time... sorry...) if you are such a trading master, can you reply quite punctually to the next topics? Threat it like your surviving on this forum would depend on it. That is, very seriously.


1. What do you know about pennants or cups and handles and spinning dojis?


2. How do you feel about using tide levels and other astrological indicators for trading?


3. Do you own a pony? What is his/her name?



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Nice one, and I could actually get to be friends,after all..



?????????????????????????????(penat nk baca)

Me too,faiz...I dont really you mean penance?


Thank you for sharing useful information.We want you to come


up with useful information so that will be useful to everyone.


No probs, mon ami....we all try to do our best in all things, especially in trading..


Thanks stallon

No probs,paul..


thnx for info brother are you in stock market ?

Thanks for your mail,brother...I specialize in the forex markets..



The strategy that I have hoped to use is to have


four of five holdings going at all times, each with the goal of achieving a 10% gain within


a 5-10 day period. The strategy has been an utter failure, and I think the reason is this.


Every long I have attempted has lost money. Every Ultrashort I have tried has been


successful (I'm not allowed to short-sell). I believe that it is folly for somebody at my


skill level to attempt longs in an overall bear market. I no longer even consider a long


trade, especially with the prospect of an impending market crash.


There are few Ultrashorts to pick from and I am sort of without a good strategy for this


particular time.

Hi art, from your comments, I take it you are talking about the stock markets (not being


allowed to short-sell)..Is the uptick rule still in force at the equity markets?

But mind you, Warren Buffet,the No 1 stock investor is said to be buying up stocks recently


at rock bottom prices...Maybe its part of the contrarian strategy he's utilizing...Start


buying when prices are low and fear pervading the markets, while selling when prices are


high and greed driving the markets..thats just my 2 cents though..





Helloo fellow traders,

The 60% buy window on the GBPUSD made an inversion to the Way of the Dragon..sorry I


ommitted in writing out the buy order entry which is shown on the charts..As at Monday


midnite, price opened the session with a bullish gap and kicked in the buy order entry @


1.5760...Before we knew it,approximately 120 pips,$120 minilot,$1200 standard lot was made


at the high of 1.5885..The blue broken line shows the buy stop entry...



After the pips were made, our stop loss was then adjusted to the buy entry level, where stop


loss = 1.5760 = buy entry level...


This is what we see on the next chart below as the blue broken line now converted to a red


stop loss line..Very good risk management principle..


Another 120 pips was also made based on the bullish gap of the inverted dragon ...




Lets just say was quite profitable...





[07:03:13 10/11/08] Stalion : Helloo everyone


[07:04:25 10/11/08] @ Stalion : we put a sell stop on gbpusd @ 1.5830...1st target @


1.5788..2nd target @ 1.5735..3rd target @ 1.5710...40 pips stop loss away


[07:34:14 10/11/08] djcarlos : 3 target hit.... Razz


[07:40:30 10/11/08] djcarlos : thanks for the sms, I ll Sleep again is 03:39.....


but with 50 pips in the bag..... thanks


[08:00:00 10/11/08] Stalion : hi dj


[09:59:45 10/11/08] klho83 : Hi Max did u take the trade?


[10:00:27 10/11/08] Maximus : which one...


[10:01:11 10/11/08] klho83 : GU gbpusd @ 1.5830...1st target @ 1.5788..2nd target @


1.5735..3rd target @ 1.5710...40 pips stop loss away


[10:01:58 10/11/08] Maximus : no dit not take it...


[10:39:11 10/11/08] Maximus : not bad miss the first trade...


[11:05:58 10/11/08] romandaw : u trading anything?


[11:07:03 10/11/08] djcarlos : amazing fall on GU


[11:42:36 10/11/08] romandaw : hi there, you watching euro dollar?


[11:48:28 10/11/08] djcarlos : it having a strong uptrend.... but I prefer wait


[11:52:36 10/11/08] djcarlos : because I was read that GU it will have a pivot on 1.5800

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Few people asked me if I am out of my mind, and what questions were that, especially the one about the pony... :))


If you don't know, this guy is a well known Nigerian spammer. Check the Forex Factory for "Stallion" (or google for "stallion forex") and you will see where the questions are coming from. They were asked by other traders before. Of course "the big guru" replied exactly as he replied to me. He was banned from many forums, including Oanda. He is never answering the questions he is asked, but only keeps spitting the same bullshit over and over, specially chat logs supposed to be placed in the past, with forecasts for the present. He is never saying anything useful, and all his trades are shown "post factum" (i.e. after the price hit his take profit line).


He has some admirers on FF, most probably alternate-users of himself, as long as they do not post too much in other threads, except in his own.


Yo, mate, maybe we will end up being friends some time in the far future, but from now, I will close your thread. You still can use the blog for a while, and paste your bullshit there. Of course, this only in case the other moderators or the admin has nothing else to say. Maybe you can find some admirers, but here it could be quite difficult to use your buddies or alts, because we are quite a small community, most of us speak Romanian and we know each other.


I will do my best to close and delete all OTHER topics you open. I will not delete this topic, but close it and keep it as an example of "don't do like that" for a while. You can use the blog for a while, but if you continue this bullshit, you will be banned at all. Either you come out with some real stuff, or leave.


Fair winds!

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