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SARRAFX: Our philosophy


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Our philosophy is to give our clients all the tools that are necessary to enable them to be successful.


Our management team is experienced in the financial markets having spent, collectively, more than five decades in the business.


Our experience teaches us that not all information is good information and feeling obliged to report readily available data and news to clients is not only wasting their time but is also counterproductive.


Over the past twenty years markets have changed out of all recognition but the dissemination of information has barely changed at all.


With the advent of fax technology every trader could expect to receive numerous missives from his banker/broker each saying roughly the same thing giving fact rather than interpretation.


With the advancement of the web and email together with any number of electronic delivery channels little has changed.


Sarrafx aims to be different. We will never tell you we have an exclusive news item but we will always have exclusive interpretation.


Do not expect to see an email at 8.00 every morning or to see this blog updated at regular intervals.


It is our intention that when you see an updated blog it will have been written to be informative and not to simply keep our name in front of you.


We will provide an economic calendar on our site but we remain well aware that that most information we provide is widely available on the Internet.


We would not expect you to visit our site to see what data is expected to be released today but to see what we believe are the money making opportunities those releases present.


What is not generally available is the incisive interpretation of that data offering our clients money -making opportunities.

The regularity of articles will ebb and flow with the markets. It may be that you will see two or three in a day and nothing for three days.

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